Monday, 6 August 2012

My CWS Student Graduation

OMG My Graduation Day
My CWS was Awesome, One of the best day's in my Second Life. It was alot of pressure and erves got to me. Everything was perfect. We practiced our routine before we started.
We All Recieved a uniform and a diploma.
We also had a surprize for the audiance.
My graduation day just proves how hard I have worked to get this far.
Now I became a model in Classic With Style I will do my beast to become secondlife's greatest model. To win alot of award's and make history in Secondlife.

CWS Diploma
I have hang my diploma up in my store, my house, Profile, and Picture of my Blogger to show how proud I am to graduate. It was a special moment and alot of people turned up.
This was a great day and I have enjoyed it.

 CWS Toga Uniform
Omg I had a pink Toga on my graduation day it was great silky look. I put pink heels on to match.
Honestly I think the toga looks great. I also kept it to remember one of thee best day's in my Second Life. It was Awesome.The whole routine went well after just 1 practice.

The surprize came later, we all dressed as Pirates for the surprize and did a little dance for the audiance. We all were in synce with the dance, it actually looked great. Professional dancing on a runway. But this will be the day I will remember for the rest of my life. I will never forget and I do hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Later to celebrate we all went to celebrate.
Having fun and a slow dance at CWS Ballroom. We all had fun and it was a nice to just relax.
While I was thinking entering Classic With Style University as Student was one of the best thing's that ever happend to me in secondlife.

My advice to all students that have entered, and all the people that wants to enter. Is to concerntrate in class, Listen to everything they have said. Be patient, Follow instructions. Most important, Never Quit. You will become a sucess if you put your mind in to it.

Love Kayleigh x x x

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